FURTHER calls have been made for First Glasgow to reinstate an axed route in the city.

City politicians have written to the transport firm to ask them to reconsider a decision to stop the 19a service last October that served the communities of Royston, Germiston, and Robroyston.

In a letter to the Operations Director of First Glasgow Duncan Cameron, elected SNP members including MP Ann McLaughlin, MSPs Bob Doris and Ivan McKee, and city councillors Christina Cannon, Graham Campbell, Allan Casey, and Ruairi Kelly urged the company to review the decision.

Their call comes after meetings were held to outline the concerns of people living in the area who regularly used the service to get them to hospital appointments, work, and local supermarkets.

The politicians argue that their constituents have experienced timetabling inconsistencies with the alternative 19 and 8 services they now have to use.

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MSP Ivan McKee said: “ I am extremely disappointed that First Glasgow have rejected the sensible proposals that myself and colleagues presented to them to ensure our communities were not left isolated after the axing of the 19a service.

"The proposal included an option to join up the 19 service with part of the axed 19a route which many at the previous public meeting felt was an appropriate compromise.

"I would urge First Glasgow to review their decision to dismiss this option and engage with their customers on its long term viability.”

Bob Doris added: “We hope First Glasgow will look afresh at our concerns, as well as our constructive proposals.

"Our goal is to improve the bus service available to my constituents in Royston and Germiston, as well as for residents in Robroyston.”

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The letter comes after we revealed last year that the 19A, 36, 36A, 60, 60A and X1/X1A services were removed or replaced by the transport provider. A petition was subsequently launched to save the 19A and X1 services.

First Bus said prior to the change, the axed route was carrying on average 26 passengers per day.

Mr Cameron said: “At First Glasgow, we conduct a review of our network on a regular basis to ensure that our coverage remains in line with the demand for our services.

"Following our service change in October we engaged with elected representatives and customers to explore alternative services to Robroyston. Regrettably we have been unable to secure any other viable alternatives.

“Prior to the change in October the Service 19A route was only carrying an average of 26 daily passengers using the link from Royston Road to Robroyston, whilst the time this added to the City Centre part of the journey meant it was quite long for customers only heading into the city centre.

“Since its introduction the X2 service, which provides a fast service from Robroyston direct via the M80 in to the city, alongside existing service 19 route are delivering increased passenger numbers using the same volume of resource.

"This reaffirms our belief that, whilst it was a difficult decision to remove the Robroyston – Royston Road link, it was the correct one.

“Given the current climate emergency, I’m sure everyone will agree there is little sense in rolling back alterations to our services that would ultimately lead to lower passenger usage across our bus network”