The UK Government is in talks with moving the COP26 climate summit venue from Glasgow to ExCel in London, it has emerged. 

The centre in East London was sounded as a potential back-up venue to host the summit after rows spared between the Scottish and UK Governments over the climate conference. 

A source told the Financial Times: “It’s normal for an event of this magnitude to have contingency measures.”

“We are pretty committed to Scotland.” 

Arguments between the two Governments cropped up after former president of the summit, Claire Perry O'Neill, was sacked by Boris Johnson. 

O'Neill then wrote letters to both Governments that highlighted their conducts over the summit. She later accused Mr Johnson of "playground politics" after he "heartily and saltily rebutted" her idea of giving Ms Sturgeon a role at the summit.

It emerged that Mr Johnson had apparently dubbed Ms Sturgeon as "a bloody wee Jimmy Krankie woman" during a meeting over COP26. A No10 spokesman denied the PM made the offensive comment. 

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O'Neill warned in her letter to Mr Johnson that COP26 preperations were "miles off track" and highlighted her request to the PM to "consider resetting" his relationship with the First Minister "for the sake of this vastly more important agenda". 

The letter also pointed out that the Scottish Government lies in a state of "stand-off" due to the consideration of re-locating the event to an "English location". 

Government officials confirmed to the Financial Times that representatives have been negotiating with the east London venue as a “fallback option” amid the disputes. 

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The Glasgow Times has approached the COP26 cabinet office for comment.