Ewan McGregor has swapped the UK for LA to escape fans' "soulless" selfies. 

The Trainspotting star said he was sick of fans requests for selfies instead of approaching him to speak about his work. 

He told the Sunday Sitdown podcast: “I’m always happy to speak to people if they want to come up and talk about my work, I really am, but it’s turned into just doing selfies with people."

He preferred Scots' fans criticism over the selfie: “Before it used to be, ‘Oh I saw you in that movie’. Even if people didn’t like something, especially in Scotland, I’d get, ‘That movie you were in was s***, by the way’."

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The Crieff-born actor said he had moved to Los Angeles to get away from the unwanted attention.

On his experience taking shots with fans, he added: “You stand and you take the photograph and they’re happy and off they go. It’s a soulless thing. There’s no exchange of anything."

McGregor stars opposite Margo Robbie in the new film, Birds of Prey - out now.