LUNCH Glasgow has come up with a 'cooncil' themed wrap with a concoction of ingredients that will blow your tastebuds away. 

The 'cooncil melt' was launched this morning as a laugh after a member of the public gave the eatery the inspiration for a Glasgow-themed melt on Instagram.

Already, the wrap is proving to be a huge hit for the people of Glasgow.

One person said: "A cooncil melt! It looks decent to be fair."

Another person said on Facebook: "Apart fae the 5 spice id smash that like."

While another person said: "This is disgusting and I would eat it in a heartbeat."

It contains: Turkey dinosaurs, potato smiles, chicken dippers, five spice, curry sauce and cheese.

The good news is that as long as the wrap remains popular - it won't be going anywhere.

Director Chris McInnes said: "We were just in it for a laugh and it has got out of hand! 

As long as there is a demand for it we'll always sell them!"

Glasgow Times: