MEMBERS of the House of Lords could now earn more in one day than Universal Credit claimants get in a whole month.

An increase in the daily allowance for members like Glasgow's Michelle Mone, would see peers getting a tax-free payment of £323 a day for attendance in the chamber.

This 3.1% increase, which is above the rate of inflation, would mean the daily sum would exceed the monthly standard allowance for a single person on Universal Credit of £317.82.

This is, however, set to rise to £323.22 in April.

The issue was raised in the House of Commons during Prime Ministers' Questions by SNP's East Renfrewshire MP, Kirsten Oswald.

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She said: "Is that the ‘levelling up’ the Prime Minister keeps talking about?"

In his response, during which he called the elected SNP members "these people", Boris Johnson suggested he did not support the increase but said it was a matter for the Lords to decide.

The increase would mean peers like East End's millionaire bra entrepreneur Baroness Mone, who is reportedly now flogging two-day business retreats for £15,000, would be handed more in a day than some our country's most destitute receive in a month.

Members of the Lords do not receive a salary for their parliamentary duties but can claim the allowance if they wish.

Baroness Mone, who claimed nearly £4000 in the first two months of her House of Lords peerage in 2016, hit back at criticism aimed at her at the time.

She posted how she was "entitled to keep every penny I earn from HoL but true to m word I have donated it ALL & will continue to do so".