Academics at Glasgow Caledonian University say we should brace ourselves for a surge of tourism to the city as series five of Outlander will soon be hitting the screens.

A study revealed by the university showed there has been a 45 per cent increase of visitors to Outlander filming sites.

It focused on 25 core locations featured in the TV drama from the years of 2014 - when the series first aired - to 2018. 

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Some core Outlander sites seen a huge rise in visitors, such as Doune Castle which was home to the 18th century Mackenzie clan in the drama series. It seen an increase of more than 200 per cent of visitors after it featured on the show. 

Despite the action in series five having shifted from Scotland to the USA, parts of the series will still be filmed here in Glasgow. 

Shug Sheridan, of GCU’s Moffat Centre for Tourism, compiled the figures. He said much of the rise is down to tourists from North America.

He said: “Many people in North America have links to Scotland and therefore it hit home, they wanted to see the history of Scotland, the pipes and drums of Scotland.

"Attractions that are in the new series should be getting ready for the Outlander effect.”

Ann Daly of Mary’s Meanders tour guide company, which leads trips to Outlander sites across Scotland, warned sites from series five to be prepared if they want to cash in.

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She said: “To really take advantage of what’s coming up places need to be ready to welcome Outlander visitors, who’re very enthusiastic. One thing you must do if you’re expecting Outlander visitors is you need to have watched Outlander so you know what you’re talking about.”

Outlander is shown on the Starz platform which can be accessed in the UK via Amazon Prime and Virgon TV.