MINDLESS youths stole a beer keg and used it to smash a car windscreen during a spate of attacks in Glasgow’s East End.

Dennistoun residents are furious after a recent spike in recent incidents has seen youths attack cars and properties in residential streets.

Paul McLaren, 42, reported that his car windshield had been smashed with a beer keg on Monday night. 

The offenders stole the keg from the Masonic Lodge on Wood Street near Mr McLaren’s home. 

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Mr McLaren, who has lived in the area for 17 years, was let down by the police response to the attack on his car. 

He said it was “free reign” for local thugs, adding: “The police didn’t even bother coming to ask me a thing or look at the car. There’s not much they can do post-event, but that’s complete compliance with the criminals.”

Glasgow Times:

Another local, Amir Irshad, 43, had his tyres slashed on two separate occasions.

Mr Irshad had the tyres on his Toyota Yaris slashed with a knife on Saturday night and again on Wednesday.

He said: “Saturday night it was one big slash from a knife, [Wednesday] it was a screwdriver or something very sharp and there were five or six holes on the brand new tyre.

“I am concerned because this happened two times in a row and it happened outside my house.”

The issue was discussed at a meeting of the council’s Dennistoun Area Partnership, with Cllr Allan Casey expressing concern that acts of vandalism appeared to be happening at random.

Police have increased patrols in the area amid residents’ growing anger at further reports of windows in closes and on Whitehill Secondary being broken.

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Speaking before the meeting, Cllr Casey said: “I have received a spike in reports of vandalism of cars, with tyres being punctured, paintwork being damaged and windows being smashed. 

“The windows of people’s homes [are] being targeted with rocks and stones which is a really worrying trend.”

Glasgow Times:

At the council group meeting, he said he wanted to explore options with the police, the community council and local organisations to tackle the issue. 

Cllr Elaine McDougall pointed fingers at a gang of four Whitehill Secondary schoolchildren.

Cllr McDougall called on locals to maintain pressure on the police by reporting every incident they see.

Chief Inspector Michael Duddy said: “Police have received a number of reports of vandalism in the local community over recent weeks and as a result we have, and will continue, to deploy additional officers in the area.

“We are working with local partners to ensure crimes and incidents of anti-social behaviour are investigated and those involved are held accountable.”