I NOTE the council has been taking some criticism with their news on street bins. I bet the council haven’t consulted with other relevant services in respect of these bins being placed near areas which suffer from high levels of anti-social behaviour.

Residents haven’t received their yearly calendar and I find it very confusing in respect of what goes in green, brown, purple and blue bins. The bins don’t have proper labelled stickers and need a branding overhaul to make it easier for the citizens of Glasgow to understand.

Name and address supplied

I WONDER if “The people of Scotland” who make most of the comments in your points of view section are listened to, or just ignored – complaints about pot holes and the state of the outskirts of our city are always being ignored.

The project to make George Square green is only a front for the upcoming climate summit, and the people attending will not be visiting the likes of Whiteinch, Govanhill or any of the outskirt’s areas of Glasgow. The council should be more transparent on how they spend our council tax and income tax.

I note also that there is to be more student flats in the West End, could these proposed flats not be used for the homeless?

Willie Burns


PLEASE tell your correspondent Richard (Letters, February 12) he needs to trying staying around these venues and suffering the threats, violence, urination before, during and after these Celtic and Rangers matches.

Disabled residents are unable to get parking anywhere near their houses to unload their messages.

Name and address supplied

SINGER Bessie Turner talked about her sepsis diagnosis in your paper yesterday. It’s a scary thing and it takes a while to recover from – emotionally, I mean.

A few years ago I had sepsis, was in hospital, had a PICC line, nearly died twice and now I’m a bit obsessive about cuts and minor infections. For anyone reading this comment: take infections seriously, don’t do what I did and shrug it off and keep going. Sepsis kills.

Stewart Campbell

I WENT to the Kelvingrove art gallery recently and was surprised that people were allowed to take photos – flash lights were going off the whole time. I remember in the past attendants approaching people and saying “no cameras, please”. Not anymore.

Also some of the paintings were very low down with kids running about. I thought they weren’t being properly protected.

The art gallery belongs to the people and the city of Glasgow. I think those responsible should realise the potential for damage and after the Art school fiasco I’d hate to see anything happen to this fantastic collection. I’ve always thought the new basement exit was a potential theft risk too.

Rhona Scott

ELFINGROVE was a complete joke and such a waste of money (Secret emails reveal the truth about fiasco at Elfingrove – and it’s coming back). The outside hut area to buy food was the best part ... however, paying a lot of money to walk about what would be a free open art gallery during the day, but turning the lights off and putting on some music and flash lights, did not justify the cost. It was such, such, such a let down and so boring.

It’s actually much better just going to the art gallery during the day in the light with none of this fiasco going on... I wish I could get my money back and please do not do it again – it was shambolic.

Mr A

“STUDENTS campaign over Glasgow University’s £3m arms trade stake and ‘re-engagement’ with fossil fuels” (February 13).

Do these middle-class students live in the real world where you have to work for a living? They are the liberal elites that talk down to the working-class people as we did not vote the right way for them in the EU vote.

Johnny Connelly

THESE kids should be studying, not squandering tax money!

If you aren’t happy with your privileged place at university, give it up for one of the many who would love to be there.

Al McD

“MORE than 30 cops respond to city centre pub as man kicks off after being woken up,” you reported – I witnessed something similar to this recently, where two cops were rolling around on the ground with a guy who got away from them. No chase was given. A further three vans and three cars arrived on the scene. It looked like something serious.

Turned out they were all looking for handcuffs one of the original cops lost! They found them and it was high fives and hugs between two of the back-up cops. Never seen anything so farcical in my life.

Wullie Hill

FOLK complain when there’s no polis, then complain when there’s too many. If the panic button was pushed then so what, all’s well that ends well.

Stewart Boyd