A LEADING expert on ticket touts says Old Firm fans could be putting themselves in risk of danger by using secondary ticketing sites.

We previously revealed how touts are listing briefs for next month’s Rangers v Celtic match at Ibrox for hundreds of pounds over their face value on numerous websites.

On one website, a ‘VIP package’ is being listed for £1500 per ticket – despite not going into detail what makes it VIP.

Other websites had home support tickets going for as high as £650, while briefs in the Celtic section are listed for £699.

Following the revelations, Reg Walker, the operations director at Iridium Consultancy - one of the UK’s leading experts on touts and ticketing irregularity - spoke to the Glasgow Times about the “dangerous” practice.

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He also believes that young people are losing engagement in the sport after being priced out by touts who are scooping up tickets intended for proper fans.

He said:"I can ago and buy a ticket anywhere – so a Rangers fan could buy a ticket in the Celtic end or vice-versa.

"That is incredibly dangerous.

"With unauthorised sites you can place yourself in danger.

"These people don’t care who they sell to – you could end up in the wrong end by accident and end up getting a kicking."

Mr Walker, who is currently working on a case down south including one tout who has over 800 memberships to clubs, claims the problem is stopping 31% of the population being able to afford to watch their favourite team.

He added: "The memberships should be available to genuine fans but touts are forcing heir way in and preventing genuine fans from getting tickets.

"It’s genuinely damaging to football. It’s disenfranchising the youth of today who will find other interests elsewhere".