It was a wet and miserable Friday as Youth Climate Strikers gathered in Glasgow to demand climate action.

Dozens gathered at the Donald Dewar Statue on Buchanan Street for an impromptu march, drizzly ceilidh and demonstration to urge the government to take action against rising climates.

Among the activists were school children of all ages, from five to ten, as well as college and university students.

Glasgow Times:

Mr Thompson, a teacher from Royston Primary, accompanied students who wrote to their Headteacher asking if they could attend the demonstration. The youngest striker was Ian, who was five and in Primary 1.

"I take the eco committee in our school and we did an assembly on Climate Change. The kids researched about Greta Thunberg, and then asked if they could come here and why, and here we are.

Glasgow Times:

"They were really excited about coming along, something they've never been to before. They're dead enthusiastic about it, even doing things around the school like litter picking."

Another striker was Izzy Tinkler, who is 20 and lives in Garnethill.

Glasgow Times:

"I've been striking every strike for the past year" said Izzy. "I think it's really important to come out and take a stand, and make sure our voices are heard.

"It's such an autonomous way of organising groups together, strikes can be organised all over the UK. It's nice to be a part of a wider movement in general.

Glasgow Times:

"I think it's important to see these events and know that anyone is welcome to come and stand in solidarity, and that everyone has a voice and can be included in the climate movement".

Bob Gillespie, father of Primal Scream's Bobby Gillespie was also in attendance. He said: "I think that it's time for the adults to look around and see we are taking from the future of young people. We must do better. We must act now."

The decision to hold the strike on Valentines day was to demonstrate love for the planet. Scottish Youth Climate Strikers said:

"This year, the earth is my valentines. The system we live in is failing to treat mother earth with the respect she deserves - instead it is exploiting her, destroying her, and making her uninhabitable for us mortals. We demand change - we demand justice for mother earth. We demand climate justice."