Campaigners concerned about the future of community facilities in Milngavie have welcomed the receptive approach shown by East Dunbartonshire Council.

Hundreds of individuals and local groups have responded to a consultation on the proposed Milngavie Community Hub.

Campaign group the Community Facilities Users’ Association believes the space provided for community education centre users in the new hub is inadequate.

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Chairman Malcolm Boddie claims library space would be reduced by 40 per cent and many spaces would lack features such as wipe clean floors and access to water which are needed by, for example, art groups, while after school facilities would be impacted by a shortage of outdoor space.

However, campaign spokesperson Fiona Crosbie says the council is engaging with residents and considering their concerns.

She said: “It will take time to come forward with a properly considered report. Processes and options going forward would be part of the final statement. The Council states that it is fully committed to working in partnership with groups including Milngavie Community Council and individuals within the community.

“Wide consultation would be very welcome and the opportunity for the community to influence planning so that the facilities available meet the needs of residents.”

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CFUA membership continues to grow and the group will set up an information point at Tesco in Milngavie on Saturday, February 29 from 9am to 5pm. Shoppers will have the opportunity to join the association and receive updates on the latest developments. The group can also be contacted via email at

Council depute chief executive Ann Davie reiterated the council’s commitment to engaging with the public. She said: “We can again confirm that we will be considering all feedback from our engagement activity to date for Milngavie Community Hub and we will continue to engage with the community at all stages of this project.”