Police arrested five people last night after a woman was injured by a brick thrown through her window in the latest of a series of “mindless” vandalism attacks.

A 23-year-old woman was hit on the leg when a brick smashed through the window of her Dennistoun flat.

Yesterday afternoon, Morven McCauley’s tyre blew out on the M8 with her 6-month-old baby on board in what could have been a “life or death situation”. 

Mechanics told her the tyre had been punctured. 

Luckily she was able to pull into the hard shoulder and no one was harmed but she said: “It could have been a lot worse, but thankfully I heard it. It was pretty scary.”

The 32-year-old mother had hoped to stay in the area long term but said she and her husband will move. She admitted they were both “pretty scared” by the recent spike in callous vandalism, which has seen a number of attacks on property.

She and her husband are “pretty scared” by the recent spike in crime and plan to the neighbourhood as a result.  

“We’re pretty scared. We’d been renovating the house, thinking it would be our forever home but I definitely want to move.”

Five people were arrested on Armadale Street last night and charged in connection with “significant antisocial behaviour”. 

The community has been rocked in recent weeks by reports of random acts of vandalism which has seen cars and homes allegedly targeted by a gang of youths.

We reported yesterday how the East End neighbourhood had been terrorised by a group of vandals who allegedly broke a car’s windshield and slashed tyres twice on the same car. 

Glasgow Times:

Whitehill Secondary was also targeted, with its windows bricked earlier in the week. 

Earlier this week, Cllr Elaine McDougall alleged that a group of youths in Whitehill uniforms were linked to the attacks.

A council spokeswoman said: “A couple of broken windows were reported a few weeks into the new term and then again during the midterm break. 

“These incidents are clearly the act of mindless vandals that cost money and disruption to the school.”

Chief Inspector Michael Duddy said: “We’d like to thank members of the local community for their assistance as we identified, arrested and will charge five youths in connection with significant antisocial behaviour in the Armadale area of Dennistoun last night.

“A report will be submitted to the relevant authority in due course.”

Police confirmed they will maintain increased patrols in the area.