I TOTALLY disagree with recent letters regarding parking near football grounds. As an East End resident, why should my wife and I be prevented from using our car for hours each match day? If we go out we cannot park within a mile of our home if we return while a game is on.

This issue is not about accommodating football fans from all over Scotland, it is about people being prevented from parking outside their own homes.



I WAS intrigued by Alex Orr’s letter in your paper (February 13). It is good to see that Nationalists are concerned about borders.

I trust that when Ms Sturgeon is discussing indyref2, she will address honestly the potential problems of a border with England. The potential problems a border with England would create for Scotland, with more than 60% of Scotland’s exports going to the rest of the UK, would be far greater for the much smaller economy of Scotland than borders with the EU would create for the much larger economy of England, an economy about 12 times the size of Scotland. The UK exports 45% of its goods to the EU, and its non EU-trade is constantly rising, by 13.6% in 2018-19 to £201 billion, and after Brexit should continue to rise even more.

When the UK finally leaves the EU on January 1, 2021, and is at last free from EU rules and laws, I don’t envisage that many checks happening in Northern Ireland, regarding goods from the UK. In addition, if the UK gets a free trade, tariff-free deal, as it is seeking, then perhaps these border checks will not be required. Should Scotland become independent, and succeed in re-joining the EU, then cross-border trade with the rest of the UK would become even more problematic. In these circumstances, the much smaller economy of Scotland, which is much more dependent on trade with the rest of the UK than the rest of the UK is with the EU, would struggle.

John Rankin

I’VE just been watching the news slot on the disgusting rubbish problem in Glasgow and I’m astonished at the incredibly patronising statement from Glasgow City Council trying to absolve itself by saying collections are at an all-time high. The only response to that is “pure rubbish”.



WHAT a surprise, the SNP doesn’t support an initiative proposed by another party (Boris’ ‘vanity’ bridge is a ‘waste of money’ says transport secretary, February 14). Not one of them is able to look past simple party politics.

This bridge is an interesting idea which could be a game changer for tourism in both countries. Mr Matheson should worry more about his day job, fixing all the potholes would be a good start.



Lords now get higher daily allowance than benefits claimants get in a month.” The House of Lords. A relic from medieval times. The only other two countries in the world that have such unelected councils are China and Iran. Make of that what you will.

Mark Blanshard

READING the story about the faulty window in your paper yesterday, this young lass has been fighting for five years to get this fixed, it’s a disgrace.

This housing association should be investigated. What if other tenants are being ignored?

Looking at the pictures I can see the window is double glazed and about a metre square – if this had hit this young lass, never mind one of her children, it would have caused serious injuries.

Jim Tees