Shocking new footage has emerged of Rod Stewart appearing to throw a Nazi salute before punching a security guard at a New Year's Eve party. 

The video, obtained by The Daily Mail, shows the singer at a party on New Year’s Eve where the alleged incident took place.

In the footage, the singer appears to throw a Nazi salute before swinging at a security guard, Jessie Dixon, who is expected to file a lawsuit against Stewart and his 39-year-old son Sean.

A surveillance video, on the Mail site, which has no sound, shows an incident, lasting about four seconds shortly after 10:08pm during preparations for the final countdown to the New Year. 

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Dixon is said to have told police that he asked them to leave. He claimed Sean then squared up to him, getting ‘about nose to nose’ distance from his face.

According to reports, Stewart and his son Sean were later arrested and charged with simple battery. Last month the pair pleaded not guilty to the charge at a court in Florida but waived their right to appear in court. 

The police report, seen by The Mail, stated Sean allegedly shoved him, before Rod then ‘stepped toward him and threw a punch, striking Dixon in his left ribcage area’.

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The report also noted that Stewart apologized before he left the area.

Stewart has hired attorney Guy Fronstin as their lawyer who called the incident a 'misunderstanding.'