Top Glasgow lawyer Aamer Anwar took to social media to criticise the hospital treatment of his 82-year-old father. 

In a heartbreaking post on Twitter, the lawyer said his father had nearly died due to a fall and was hospitalised in Liverpool. 

The 82-year-old with dementia was reportedly left alone for hours in "in his urine and faeces" in the Royal Liverpool University Hospital. 

Aamer Anwar's 71-year-old mother was forced to clean and feed him on her own without any help from hospital staff or auxiliaries. 

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The University of Glasgow rector also confirmed on social media that the fall had resulted in two broken bones in the 82-year-old's pelvis. 

Shocked by the conditions, people responded to the post calling the incident "unacceptable". 

One Twitter user said: "This is awful. No excuse for someone who has fallen to be left for hours like this, or for family to have to wash them."