Police are hunting two men who tried to rob a cash machine with a stolen dumper truck last night. 

The foiled thieves pinched a truck from a construction site before attempting to drive it into a Tesco ATM in Airdrie, in the early hours of Sunday morning. 

The pair smashed into a bollard before they could hit the machine and fled the scene. 

It is understood no one was injured in the robbery, which occurred at 1.20am on Sunday, 16 February.

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Police are searching for two suspects who were wearing dark clothing. 

Sergeant Scott Robertson, of Airdrie Police Station, said: "We're appealing to the public who may have seen anyone acting suspiciously around the site on Dunrobin Road.

"We're also appealing to anyone who saw the men after the truck was driven at the cash machine and equally, anyone who has any information about this incident."