HOW typical of an arrogant, self-important First Minister to travel to Brussels (at taxpayers’ expense) for a pointless meeting with Mr Barnier while her finance minister brings shame on her government and the important issues which she was elected to deal with are completely ignored.

Next year is the chance we have to all do something about it. The Scottish election should not be about independence. It should be about the performance of the government on education, health, finance, transport, policing – i.e. the important stuff.

This government has failed abysmally on all of the above. Next year is the time to stop moaning about them and remove them. Remember in an independent Scotland they won’t have Westminster to blame and the only people we can blame are ourselves.

Gordon Wilson


WHY is there such a surprise in Boris getting rid of his chancellor in the way he did? Anyone paying attention to how this man behaves in general would know that although he demands loyalty and faithfulness from others, he is incapable of delivering these assets to others quite simply because he has shown in the past he does not possess them. His behaviour in failing to answer any question which might portray him anything less than his own opinion of himself speaks volumes.

His earlier dismissal of senior politicians from his own party who had more experience in government than he will ever achieve, showed the true nature of this vindictive and petulant man who now has the power to punish those whom he thinks deserve to be punished regardless of their ability. His recent behaviour towards the press in particular is setting a dangerous precedent.

Throughout his life he has behaved like a spoilt brat whose only ambition in life was to look after Boris, his passion for his grandiose schemes knows no bounds and borders on megalomania and if this meant lying and cheating on his family, colleagues and the general public, so be it.

It is clear to me that the position he now finds himself in with the power he has always craved will be made clear to those whom he has given jobs to, I wonder if any one of them will put their self respect at the top of their agenda, like Mr. Sajid Javid (left).

We will now see the true Boris that was there all along if you looked close enough.

Michael Tolland