Glasgow is one of the best cities in the world, we all know that - but it's also one of the weirdest. 

From the Duke of Wellington's i-cone-ic hat to a man taking a smoke break walking his bearded dragon, here are some of the downright oddest things we've seen in recent years in Scotland's greatest and strangest city. 

1. Santa joins the Duke for Christmas

2. Police stopping a man taking a woman dressed in a dog-gimp suit for a walk

Glasgow Times:

Credit: Iain Mcgeough

3. When the techno pets tin bin man got an "upgrade"

4. A pair of falsers left at city centre traffic lights

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5. This man claimed he wasn't stuck and was "just looking for something"

Glasgow Times:

Credit: Instagram/budgie098

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6. Bored with raiding bins, this fox tried Pizza Hut and drew an astonished crowd at Four Corners

7. Taking a cheeky cigarette break while you walk your bearded dragon... #justglasgowthings

Glasgow Times: Credit: Imgur.comCredit:

(Credit:; via:

8. This person whose views on Boris Johnson would NOT be silenced

And after it got taken down...

9. Sun, sand and sausage rolls when the temperature goes above ten degrees

10. No Luke, I am yer da

Glasgow Times:


11. Hogwart's Quidditch team practising in their home ground, Kelvingrove Park

12. Taps aff man in Partick on Google Maps street view

Glasgow Times:

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13. This furry strange game of football in the park 

Glasgow Times:

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