I WAS very interested to see the police sending “love letters” to known criminals, as you put it.

I must admit, I scoffed at this at first. But... I do imagine if I was a criminal, having that letter through my door COMBINED with these new DNA kits and more officers on the streets it might just be enough.

But it makes me sad. I remember the days when this big operation was the norm, not the exception. Now when they do it, they have to make a song and a dance of it all because it’s so rare.

I know they need money to run such schemes but frankly the situation in some areas is desperate.

I do wonder what their approach for Easter will be, though...


GLASGOW’S new on-street bins give me a massive concern.

I scratch my head and wonder how recycled waste can be retrieved given it’s mixed in with dog waste. I know the latest research into dog faeces shows it can carry airborne diseases.

I bet the council hasn’t even carried out simple air monitoring tests around these bins which could be potential bio-hazards.

Name and address supplied

“HERE’S why it’s important to smile at strangers”, your column suggests (February 17).

There’s no chance that I’m smiling at strangers. They could be meat-eaters for all I know. Or nicotine junkies who smoke in the street or parks or at entrances to hospitals without thinking about the effect on others.

No, I would rather let strangers know my true feelings in the hope that they change their ways. It would be beneficial for society and would prevent pent up feelings to the individual which can have long-term health effects.

Smiling at strangers is a marketing ploy used by companies to make money. That is why bookies, for example, use young females in their shops to smile and be nice to you as they rip the punter off and take all their money.

I want you to get up from your chairs now and go to the window and stick your head out and shout: “I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore!”

T Paine

I JUST watched a TV documentary of a luxury liner (MSC Bellissima, left) capable of taking 6500 passengers plus crew being built in France in under two years. Sadly, we cannot even build a ferry for the islands.

What was it our First Minister said about an independent Scotland competing with the rest of the world? Aye right, Nicola.