A Glasgow family have launched an urgent plea to reunite seriously ill 14-year-old Parham Moslemi with his pet dog who is currently still in Turkey. 

Parham and his family were asylum seekers in Turkey and in November last year the British Government offered the family refugee status in Glasgow.

However, Parham was left heartbroken as they had to leave Fifi with a neighbour in Turkey.

The two first crossed paths when the family lived in Iran, it was in 2014 where Parham and his family moved from Iran to Turkey where they were granted asylum.

Parham's family say that having Fifi around will lift spirits and that the pooch is instrumental in his health, as he awaits a kidney transplant. 

The petition reads: "Four years ago, Parham and his mother saw Fifi in a fruit market in Izmir.

"Fifi was malnourished and seemed badly treated.

"Parham instantly fell in love with Fifi and after a lengthy negotiation with her owner, Fifi was rescued from the previous owner, and became Parham’s companion.

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"Fifi has been instrumental in Parham’s health, so much so that the hospital would allow Fifi to stay with Parham when he was hospitalised."

The family have already carried out all the necessary paperwork, vaccinations and required blood tests to bring Fifi to Glasgow, but the family are struggling to pay for transportation. 

It says: "I am trying to raise £2000 to cover the cost of transporting Fifi to Glasgow.

"The money will go towards the cost of a pet transfer/cargo company and air fare for one passenger, who is required to accompany Fifi according to Turkish regulations.

"It will also cover the costs of a suitable carrier for Fifi for the 11 hour flight (Izmir-Istanbul-Edinburgh- Glasgow)."

The family have pledged that any extra money raised after paying these costs and suitable insurance will be donated to an animal charity.

Find out more about the campaign here.