RANGERS hero Kenny Miller caused quite a stir in the goldfish bowl of Glasgow's football scene when he swapped Wolves for Celtic in the summer of 2006.

With his contract at Molineux running down, Miller was allowed to leave the English club when his deal expired in the summer.

The recently-retired forward has appeared on Si Ferry's Open Goal podcast, where he told the host that he had lots of clubs interested in securing his signature.

But Miller took the controversial decision to sign for his boyhood club's rivals - becoming the first player since Mo Johnston to have been on the books at Parkhead and Ibrox during his career.

Now the striker - who had three separate spells as a Rangers player - has opened up on the how the move came about.

"I had just finished a game," Miller revealed. "I got a call from someone who said there was interest there. It was when Gordon [Strachan] was manager and we got put in touch after that.

"He said he wanted to sign me so I said, 'Right, OK'. I was leaving on a free so there were a lot of people interested. I would speak to anyone that wanted to speak, I would never knock anything on the head. Whether it be lower level of higher level, I would go and see what people wanted to say.

"Sometimes it's not necessarily about the level or the deal, it's about where the club see me fitting into the plan.

"Going into January, when you know you can speak to people, that [the Celtic move] was the one that progressed.

"For me, that was an opportunity. I want to win. I want to be part of a team that wins. I want to look back [on my career] and say, 'I won this, we won this, I played in the Champions League'. 

"It was the only approach I ever had where I had the chance to play in the Champions League. I wanted a wee crack at that as well.

"That progressed more than anything else and I had a decision to make. I could have waited and seen what happened between then and the end of the season or I could take the plunge. So I went for it."

When asked if he was worried about moving to Parkhead after his previous stint as a Rangers player, Miller replied: "Aye, I was a wee bit.

"But I'm quite strong-willed with that kind of thing. I saw it as an opportunity to play for a massive club in the Champions League, that were hopefully going to be challenging to win cups and the league. That's what I wanted to be part of.

"There were better deals on the table. As much as there was nothiong concrete, there was chat there were better deals. There was chat from a couple of clubs in the Premier League.

"They were brilliant teams and brilliant clubs but were they going to give me what I wanted? There were better deals on the table but I wanted to play my part for a successful team."