READING about Maggie McIver, the Queen of the Barras, in the Glasgow Times on Monday brought back happy memories as a former patron of the Barrowland Ballroom, dancing to Billy McGregor’s band, the Gaybirds, in the early 50s.

Tuesday and Thursdays was called registered dancing night, and for the biggest half of the night, the girls picked the boys.

From Monday to Thursday admission was one shilling and sixpence (seven cents). On a Friday it was two shillings and sixpence (10 and a half cents) and on Saturday it was three shillings (15 cents). Dancing finished at 10.30pm.

As then, licence laws did not permit Sunday dancing, Sunday was Cafe Night, where the patrons bought minerals and listened to the band.


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I WAS intrigued to note new Scottish Conservative leader, Jackson Carlaw, say there should not be another independence vote for a generation, even if polls showed support for independence.

Indeed, he will go into the 2021 Scottish Parliamentary election calling for people to vote Tory in order to prevent a pro-independence majority that leads to another independence referendum.

However, Alister Jack, Secretary of State for Scotland, the UK Government’s man in Scotland, has said that there will be no independence referendum, even if there is a pro-independence majority at the election.

Given this situation clearly a vote for the Tories in Scotland is a wasted voted as Mr Jack has already stated that whatever the circumstances there won’t be another referendum. Or, maybe the Scottish Conservatives aren’t so confident that the UK Government will continue to maintain this line.

Alex Orr

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GLASGOW’S new on-street bins give me a massive concern.

I scratch my head and wonder how recycled waste can be retrieved given its mixed in with dog waste.

I know the latest research into dog faeces shows it can carry airborne diseases.

I bet the council hasn’t even carried out simple air monitoring tests around these bins which could be potential bio-hazards.

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I WAS shocked to read about the vandal attacks in Dennistoun (Glasgow Times, Friday).

There needs to be more police officers on the streets to ensure these young thugs aren’t able to get away with damaging residents’ property. I’m always amazed the parents have no idea what their kids are up to.