The family of Rhys Bonner have released a video in an attempt to trace a mystery woman who they believe could hold the key to his death. 

Rhys Bonner told his family he was going to meet a friend on July 24 as he left his home on Garlieston Road in Balarnark.

The 19-year-old never retuned. His body was later discovered half naked by police on marsh ground between Easterhouse at Gartloch Village. 

Six months on from the tragic discovery, Stephanie and Stephen Bonner beileve a middle aged woman could hold details about their son's death. 

Rhys' Dad has made a video of what he thinks is a the route Rhys took before he died. It is beileved he was accompanied by a 45-year-old woman. 

In the video, his Dad says: "They walked up Cornisborough Road and both went into an off-sales, walked through Cardyne Road into Balcurvie Road and then walked three quarters of the way up Balcurvie Road.

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Glasgow Times:

"Half and hour later they walked back down and the woman was on a resident's trailer.

"The resident shouted at her to get off, Rhys got her off and they both walked down to the gable end where the gate is that takes you to the loch."

Rhys' Mum believes that the 19-year-old met a violent end is appealing to find the truth about the tragic death of her son. 

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Speaking to podcaster James English, she said: "My kids are scared. My son’s killer is out there walking about.”

"A young 19-year-old boy doesn’t take his own clothes off and go and hide in a ditch."

She added: "Please - don’t be scared. He’s my son. He’s a child. I don’t want anything to happen to anybody else. It’s not fair.

"I just need to know what happened."