An alleged murder victim armed with a knife claimed he was going to kill 10 people, a court was told today.

At the High Court in Glasgow 48-year-old Angela McLellan said that Ronald Pattison, who was dressed all in black and wearing gloves came to her partner Patrick Phinn's Easterhouse flat on September 17, 2018.

She told prosecutor Lynsey MacDonald: “He was angry. He said he was going to kill 10 people and said youse two are the first I'm going to murder.”

Miss McLellan told the court she managed to talk Ronald Pattison round and said he left only to return 30 minutes later.

She was giving evidence at the trial of her partner Patrick Phinn, 49, from Easterhouse, Glasgow, who denies murdering Mr Pattison by repeatedly striking him with a knife and a sword at a flat a 2 Durro Path, Glasgow, on September 17, 2018.

Miss McLellan said that when Mr Pattison returned she was 'panicky and scared,” and told the jury that he had a knife tied with rope to his left hand.

She added: “He said to me 'I want your f***ing purse and then I'm going to murder the two of you.'

“I just froze. I couldn't move I couldn't believe what I was hearing.”

The witness told the court that Mr Pattison walked over to Phinn and slashed his right forearm.

Earlier a friend of Mr Pattison, John Nesbit was asked by defence QC Tony Graham: “Mr Pattison had a reputation in Easterhouse,” and he replied: “Yes.'

The QC then asked: “What did it mean if he was wearing gloves,” and Mr Nesbit replied: “He was out for trouble..”

Mr Graham said: “He was an unpredictable maniac,“ and Mr Nesbit said: “He was a gentleman who lost his mum and lost his way.”

Another witness Steven Elliot, 39, described Mr Pattison as “unpredictable.”

He told the court that when he saw police and ambulances outside Phinn's house he said: “I thought he had been attacked by Ronnie.”

The trial before judge Lord Matthews continues.