Marvel has teased the stars of a new British comic book team The Union and Scottish Twitter had the best reactions.

The Union is a team of superheroes - Kelpie, Union Jack, The Choir, Union Jack and Britannia, representing Scotland, England, Wales, Nothern Ireland and Great Britain, respectively. 

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Scottish Twitter tore into Kelpie, who was unveiled with the tagline: "In Scotland, it's not the monsters you have to worry about. It's the Loch." (No, us neither).

Some users questioned the politics of the alliance and asked if the Union would be taking on the EU.

Another simply wrote:

Users wondered how American audiences might mangle the word "Kelpies":

One person thought the Union Jack character looked familiar...

Another thought his costume made a deeper political point:

Author, JR Tomlin said of the revived Union Jack character:

Users seemed baffled by the character Snakes, who represents Northern Ireland:

One questioned the writers' knowledge of the UK:

The Union is a new spin-off from the existing comic series, Empyre, written by Paul Grist and illustrated by Andrea Di Vito.

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The five-part series will see the British heroes team up with the Avengers and the Fantastic Four to battle an intergalactic enemy called the Empyre. 

The Union Jack character was launched in 1976 and the new characters were developed by R.B. Silva.