A CALLOUS Glasgow carer has been struck off after inflicting a barrage of verbal abuse towards a vulnerable resident with dementia.

Anne Bowness, who was working at the private Darroch Nursing Home in Cumbernauld, was found unfit to practice at a hearing of the Scottish Social Services Council after her foul-mouthed rant.

The shocking outburst, which came on or around January 27 last year, was put before the watchdog this week.

Among the worst of the remarks, Bowness told the vulnerable gentleman: “no wonder your family don’t visit you”.

She also told the man, who has difficulty standing: “come on then, stand up”, “look at you, you can’t even stand”.

Bowness cruelly added: “You’re a big man needing his nappy changed”.

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Within the same period, she also said: “you are a bad, bad b*****d” and “f*****g b*****d went to hit me with the zimmer, f*****g wife beater”.

The watchdog found that Bowness’ behaviour made the man “agitated, anxious, angry and breathless”.

After being mocked over his ability to stand up, the hearing heard how the carer’s behaviour “involved a risk to him physically as you encouraged him to try and stand up, knowing that he was unable to do so.”

There was evidence of the resident trying to push himself up at the end of the bed, “posing a risk of him falling off”.

Amid his anger, the man was found to have said “I never hit you, but I will”, to which the carer replied: “you did hit me, you’re a woman beater”.

It was presented before the watchdog that Bowness “ridiculed [resident A] over a period of time, despite his obvious distress.

“The fact that this abuse had occurred in front of colleagues indicated you had attitudinal issues.”

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The panel found Bowness’ conduct amounted to serious misconduct and as a result her fitness to practise is impaired.

The report also detailed out the resident’s care plan, which states how he has previously become anxious and frustrated – needing reassurance and support to calm him down.

Bowness was found to have acted contrary towards this, resulting in him becoming violent to her and other staff.

In it’s concluding statements, the SSSC hearing found there was a significant abuse of the resident's trust, a lack of insight into the seriousness of her actions and a departure from the professional standards expected.

It recognised that the allegations all relate to one day, however it was “extreme and there has been no acknowledgement on your part that your behaviour was unacceptable.”

Therefore they found no other option but to remove Bowness from the social services register.

In recent months the Glasgow Times, and our sister title The Herald, have been campaigning to raise awareness of the "inequalities" facing people with dementia.

The charity Alzheimer Scotland says people living with dementia are facing "disproportionate" charges with their needs being assessed as social care rather than healthcare.

Carers groups say being asked to pay for nursing costs comes as a “shock” to many families – weekly care home costs with 24-hour specialist nursing can reach £1,000.

We're now calling on the Government to ensure all patients with advanced dementia can access specialist nurses, palliative care and consultant geriatricians at no cost in the final months or years of their lives.

To support: www.alzscot.org/fair-dementia-care-sign-up-form