SO much for the game-changer, the new beginning promised, when the SNP swept to power in Glasgow.

Yesterday’s news that tens of millions of pounds cut from budgets, will mean public services again being paired to the bone.

Our city is already drowning in a sea of rubbish and debris, yet the council is cutting back on street cleaning and now charging for bulk uplifts, resulting no doubt in more fly tipping.

How many people could actually afford to pay for this service? As this situation can only get worse, this will have a demoralising effect on the people of this city, not withstanding what tourists must think.

Another area of concern is the uncertain future of our municipal golf courses, no doubt with the private developers watching events unfold. We should be encouraging all ages to take part in this sport , as private club membership is too expensive for many people.

Whatever happened to the Commonwealth Games legacy of increasing sport participation to all.

It would appear that the council does not appreciate the severity of the deterioration of our roads network, as with the amount of potholes and broken surfaces, driving has become a more dangerous practice and leaving cyclists vulnerable.

Instead of meekly passing on these cuts, which will as always hit the poorest sections of society the most, the council should be fighting Glasgow’s corner and demanding more finance from Holyrood to tackle the many specific issues facing Scotland’s largest city, after all, we are not a poor country.

Stuart Jackson


AROUND 1300 men in an overcrowded Barlinnie, surely not all of them need to be incarcerated.

And they could be tagged to stay at home overnight. They could also work in the city cleaning and sweeping the streets during the day as a payback.

This would help with the city council now confirming that street sweeping will cease.

John Harley

Via email

I NOTE the council planning to place charges on bulk uplift.

Given a 5% rise in council tax, surely this can be used to offset the bulk charges.

Cleansing is a key feature in keeping the city clean and moving.

With the climate change conference around the corner, I don’t think world leaders would be happy to see fly-tipped couches, fridges, mattresses, TVs on street corners, and back lanes.

I can’t see enforcement playing a part as no-one ever knows when their bulk uplift is being picked up as in my experience, the council has always been late.

Name and address supplied

SO Glasgow’s council tax is to rise by 4.64% and yet it proposes to save £26.5million with cuts to council services and the introduction of charging for uplifting bulk waste.

The way to save money is to make the city councillors pay for their own meals, functions, staff wages, junket home and overseas as well as cutting their salaries.

Glasgow City Council is a disgrace, it couldn’t run a raffle, let alone a council.

Caroline McCord


CONGRATULATIONS to Linda, Lindsay and the staff at Andells on being voted the best eatery in Glasgow. This is well-deserved as the food is excellent. Add Linda’s care for customers, the latest (60s) music and best mince and tatties since your mother’s day!

M Haggarty