PUPILS and teachers turned secret agents in order to learn how to bring creativity back into the classroom.

Primary and secondary pupils along with teaching staff took part in a special masterclass to explore how to Rewrite Their Future.

The day-long event was held at SWG3 with support from arts organisation Vox Liminis and Glasgow City Council's Glasgow CREATE service.

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Louise Hamilton, the council's Quality Improvement Officer – Creativity and Expressive Arts, said: “There was no sitting in chairs for a day here.

"From our previous work it became apparent that teachers often don’t understand what creative skills are, but this work is raising the profile of creative skills and allowing them to experience creativity and bring back this learning into their classrooms."

Glasgow CREATE was set up in 2016 to raise attainment in city schools by helping teachers think more creatively about the curriculum.

It brings together the council's music, drama and arts resources to help teachers be more confident in providing creative learning and give pupils the best chance to achieve.

Working with Vox Liminis, the Rewrite The Future Future Creative Leadership Conference saw 50 primary pupils, 50 secondary pupils and 50 teachers come together for the creative experience.

Those taking part were encouraged to think of themselves as Secret Creativity Service Operatives - agents of Curiosity, Open-mindedness, Problem Solving and Imagination.

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Vox Liminis is a Glasgow arts organisation, founded in 2013, which aims to help people express themselves creatively - through writing songs, developing apps or making films.

The charity was set up to work with people who have experienced the prison system, to help them tell their stories but also try to design a more positive and fair society.

They work with well-known songwriters such as Emma Pollock, Jo Mango and Findlay Napier.

It is the second time that Glasgow pupils have worked with Vox Liminis.

In August last year more than 60 pupils and staff took part in a song writing workshop to create music about their experiences of school and the education system.

Five songs were created on the day, which explored the similarities between different roles in education.

Participant Kirsty Wilkie, a Challenge Leader of Learning at Glasgow City Council, said: “I was inspired by our young people of Glasgow.

"They were truly leading the learning experience and their confidence, passion and fabulous manners was the icing on the cake.

"We’ve got so much to be proud of and it’s so exciting watching them Rewrite Their Future.”