Glaswegians of all ages have shared their memories of an outdoor education centre following Glasgow City Council’s decision to close the facility. 

Blairvadach Outdoor Education Centre has been open for 46 years and the council's decision has shocked many people who remember visiting the centre. 

More than 100 people commented on the shocking news on Facebook. 

Denise Kelly commented: "I went there as a kid, I'm 34, and it was the best holiday I had. I grew up in Drummoyne and it was a whole other world to me.

"It fueled the love of outdoors that I have today, I'm a landscaper/fencer/tree surgeon and would likely have never bothered if I didn't get to experience it young.

"It needs to be saved for future generations!"

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A petition addressed to the Glasgow City Council to save the training facility has gathered thousands of signatures in one day. 

It was launched on Friday morning and gathered more than 1300 signatures during the day. 

The signatures shot up throughout Saturday reaching more than 7400 signatures by Sunday morning following reports by the Glasgow Times of the expected closure. 

Angela Allan wrote on Facebook: "I'm 40 and I remember visiting with my school, it builds the confidence of our kids!

"I had a great time and so did my children after me."

Another shocked parent wrote: "This is such a loss.

"For most city kids Blairvadach was their chance to get to try things that would otherwise be unavailable to them. My kids loved it.

"I’m 41 and Blairvadach still gets mentioned at our school get-togethers."

The residential outdoor centre is one of the largest in Scotland and is located near Loch Lomond National Park, on the east shore of the Gare Loch. 

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Thomas Todd commented: "I am 38 and was there in late Primary school and still have lasting amazing memories. Still talk about it to this day."

Some parents expressed disappointment that their children might not get the opportunity to experience the "exciting" education centre. 

"My son was meant to go in a couple of months for his P7 trip and they’ve changed it to something not near as exciting. They’re all very disappointed," Linda Osborne wrote. 

She added: "I went when I was in first year - 34 years ago! It’s such a shame."