FOLLOWING on from my recent correspondence as published (February 21), I read Councillor Long’s column (February 22) with interest.

Her discomfort with economic reality is visible for all to see, however, as a councillor, her duty is to ensure that budgets are not only balanced, but also future spending policies and strategies are sustainable.

They are not dependent upon a magical money tree.

I see politicians are beginning to realise that by promising the Earth, a few years down the line they realise they were over optimistic, reckless or naive. Services are needed for society to operate, and as a Glasgow City Council taxpayer, I am happy for a solid, basic level of services to be funded.

I’m not happy about politicians grandstanding and my fellow citizens and I having to pick up the tab for avoidable failures.

I’d be interested to know what Councillor Long’s real world experience is? Has she done a job where she has had to create value (wealth)? Does she appreciate what her constituents have to do to create value that allows them to pay for the services she talks about?

In closing, I’d encourage her to read up on the Laffer Curve.

The principal is simple: there comes a point of maximum return on taxation. Above a certain level the amount of tax income raised reduces. Mr Mackay, formerly of the SNP, should be able to give pointers.


RISHI Sunak, the new Chancellor, is being pressed not to put up fuel duty in next month’s UK Budget.

He might want to consider the demonstrations and riots that took place in France when President Macron (right) tried to prove his green credentials to the world by raising petrol duty and imposing other green taxes. The Yellow Vests took to the streets and Macron quickly backed down.

The Yellow Vests are still on the streets protesting now about working conditions and their under-attack pension conditions.

Our pampered politicians need to realise that UK drivers are the highest-taxed drivers in the world. There are 1.2 billion vehicles in the world so additional fuel duty on the UK’s 38.9 million vehicles would do nothing for the planet.

Clark Cross

HOW wonderful to see people rally round in defence of the Blairvadach Outdoor Centre.

Will shutting this service down save money if it increases youth crime?