LAST Thursday councillors from across our city set Glasgow’s budget in the City Chambers – and it was a complete horror show. The backdrop of this was the £50,000,000 that the Scottish Government have cut from our budget forcing all parties to make incredibly difficult decisions.

Unfortunately, the SNP in the chamber did not appear to get the memo – shouting SHAME as opposition councillors read their budgets aloud. This deeply angered me – surely the only shame that should be felt would be on the party that forced our city into this mess with year upon year of underfunding?

What makes matters worse is the increasing pile of money that the Scottish Government are currently sitting on.

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Over £400,000,000 was left unspent last year making many Glaswegians wonder why that money couldn’t be used for our crumbling roads, schools and hospitals.

The horrors in the SNP “City Government” budget included a hike of council tax by 4.64% and the inclusion of a bulk uplift charge.

Fly-tipping is a major problem in our city and I doubt that paying for the privilege is going to make matters any better.

The closing of Blairvadach Outdoor Learning Centre was also included in the SNP budget.

Many pupils, parents and teachers are disgraced by this decision given the huge emphasis the Scottish Government have placed on outdoor learning. Blairvadach gives many in our city the opportunity to experience a range of activities outside of the city which they otherwise may not have the chance to experience. Our group have committed to reversing this decision should more money become available.

In the face of these cuts the Glasgow Conservative Group managed to include some truly transformational revenue options.

We highlighted the need for more cash for our frontline cleansing staff. They desperately need more resources so they can continue to keep our streets clean and our bins emptied.

We also pushed for more money to improve children’s literacy. Even though we live in a world consumed by modern technology, there is no denying the value of a good book. The kids in our city deserve nothing less.

I strongly believe that this budget and the Scottish Government settlement will affect the lives of everyone who lives in our city.

Whether it be higher taxes, worse services or the closure of Blairvadach, everyone will suffer.

It is time for the SNP to put party loyalty aside and demand that Glasgow get a fair settlement.