Police in Glasgow recorded an average of 25 domestic abuse incidents a day, according to new figures.

In the last year, 2018/19, there were 9202 incidents recorded, a slight increase on the previous year but the highest total in the last five years.

In four out of ten cases the incidents included a recoded crime or offence.

Across Scotland the total was more than 60,000 incidents, a 2% increase on the previous year and the highest number in the last ten years.

In 82% of cases the victim was female and the accused male. In 16% the accused was female and the victim male.

The most common age of the victim was between 26 and 30 years with just over 10,000 of the Scottish total.

The local authority area with the highest rate per 10,000 of population was Dundee with 165, followed by West Dunbartonshire at 163, then Glasgow at 160.

Humza Yousaf, Justice secretary, said the latest figures are for the year before the Scottish Parliament passed new Domestic abuse laws.

He said: “Domestic abuse exacts a terrible toll on victims and often causes much wider harms, such as impacting on children’s safety and well-being within the family home.

“Domestic abuse is neither acceptable nor inevitable. We must work collectively – as parents, friends, co-workers and legislators – to bring an end to this blight on society, address underlying attitudes that enable it to persist, call out those who dismiss or minimise its impact, and ensure that perpetrators are dealt with robustly and effectively.”