GLASGOW singer-songwriter Marie-Claire White will return to her hometown of Glasgow to launch her new debut album.

The songstress' rock act Seil Lien will unveil Shatter at The Old Hairdresser in the city on April 21.

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Glasgow Times:

She said: "This project is so different from what I have done before, I wanted it to be under a different name.

"It can be difficult for new bands to come up with names but I have got another name, I can just use that."

Seil Lien is a new project for Marie-Claire who named the band in tribute to her heritage - her dad is Chinese - and the name means little lotus.

The album, out April 17, is three years in the making - although the feisty Glaswegian has had to battle to get the sound she wanted as she explained: "I had to fight quite hard to make this album because I did go down the label route. We did some demos with major labels. I was told it was really unique but it is a bit too unique.

"But I really wanted to keep to the roots of that. I really felt so strongly about how it was to sound. So we had to find a way of making it ourselves. If we were going to make the album that we envisaged, we were going to have to find money from Creative Scotland which we were really lucky to do and kind of beg, borrow, steal to get it to where it is.

"It was a real learning curve and I think it is for artists now. There is not that kind of financial support anymore. It is tricky but it feels much more satisfying in a way. You have done it yourself, it is your vision."

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Glasgow Times:

And if finishing an album isn't exciting enough, London-based Marie-Claire is delighted she gets to reveal her sound to a hometown crowd.

"I am so excited," she said with a smile.

"It feels right to do it up there because it is really a Scottish album. Everyone who played on it is Scottish, the producer is Scottish and the money came from Creative Scotland."

Glasgow Times:

Marie-Claire who is from the South Side, was also in Glasgow recently to lend her vocals to the Goodbye Mr Mackenzie reunion shows at the Barrowland Ballroom - and stepping into the shoes of Garbage star Shirley Manson is a moment she won't forget.

She said: "Oh my god, it was amazing.

"It was a real honour that they asked me to do it.

"Shirley Manson is someone I used to listen to when I was younger. I used to love Garbage.

"Everyone was really supportive, the fans got on board and were really generous with me.

"Playing the Barrowlands was just incredible, the atmosphere was electric, it was everything you wanted it to be."