Bosses dealing with addiction services in Glasgow hope to begin talks with the UK Government over a drug consumption room in the city after the drug death summit this week.

A conference hosted by the Scottish Government and the city council takes place today with health and addiction workers and people from recovery groups meeting at the SEC.

Tomorrow, the UK Government drug deaths summit brings together people from across the UK from policing, health and drug services to discuss how to reduce the shocking death total from drugs.

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The Glasgow Times called for an emergency drug death summit to take place in the city after the latest figures showed a 40% increase to 280 deaths.

Suzzane Millar, interim Chief officer Glasgow Health and Social Care Partnership, who will speak at both events said she hopes the deadlock on opening a facility in the city can be broken.

She said: “We want to pull together as many voices as we can and make sure we are listening to what the asks are including of ourselves, of the Scottish Government and the UK Government.

“We have a focus in our conference on recovery and we want to make sure we give their views a good hearing to help prepare for the UK Conference on Thursday.”

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“We have a clear ask of the UK Government over a safer drug consumption facility and I hope that by Friday we will be involved in discussions to achieve that. We are well placed. If we get the legal framework agreed we will be ready to go.

“We have an identified budget and are ready to go to public consultation and address any anxieties in communities.”

She said for it to happen the UK Government needs to either devolve relevant powers to Holyrood to allow it in Scotland or make the necessary changes to UK law.

She added: “There is a willingness but we need legal powers in place.”

There are currently over 150 worldwide, and the council said evidence shows no one has ever died from an overdose in one.

It is hoped the UK Government will announce permission for Glasgow to pilot such a facility during the UK drugs summit.

Meanwhile, campaigners desperate for action are calling for meaningful discussions between the governments at the events.

Annemarie Ward, CEO of Favor UK, said: “The families of drug death victims expect to see tangible and serious action out of these summits.

“We are disgusted that the drug deaths crisis is still being used as political football between Westminster and Holyrood.

“This isn’t a game. People’s lives are at stake. We need to see action, not a talking shop that makes politicians feel better about themselves.”