INTELLIGENCE sourced during an ongoing housebreaking crackdown has led to two drugs raids and stolen property being recovered.

During Operation Kapel community police have been building links in Govanhill by handing out anti-theft kits called SelectaDNA.

And thanks to that work, cops said they have secured a "vast amount" of intelligence about other crimes in the area.

Inspector John Menzies, who is leading the operation, said: "We have been in and out of hundreds of homes in the area during Operation Kapel and as a result of that local people have had the confidence to report other issues in the area.

"We have been given intelligence about drug dealing in the area, which has lead to warrants being issued.

"The people who are dealing drugs in this area are directly benefitting from the proceeds of housebreaking so we are determined to address this."

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"We have also had information about stolen property being sold on by second hand dealers in the area, which has been valuable.

As told in the Glasgow Times, Operation Kapel started two weeks ago in Govanhill.

Since then, Mr Menzies said, there has been a significant drop in the number of housebreakings in the area.

Although officers admit it is early days and the drop could be attributed to the high visibility of police in the community, they are confident that SelectaDNA will have a continued dramatic impact on acquisitive crime.

At an official launch event on Allison Street yesterday, Superintendent Hilary Sloan and Chief Inspector Ross Allan were briefed about the operation.

Ms Sloan said: "It is the community policing team and the local officers who have been responsible for driving this operation and they are the ones who have been outdoors in the rain, sleet and snow to make sure these kits have been delivered.

"They deserve recognition for that work.

"I am confident having seen the success rates down south that there will be equal success for this scheme in Govanhill and, we hope, eventually across the division."

Mr Allan added: "The officers are part of this community and they are passionate about it.

"Along with the partner agencies they are making a difference in the area and the feedback has been excellent so far."

Joint funding was secured through the Southside Area Partnership and Police Scotland Divisional Commanders Partnership Fund to purchase hundreds of SelectaDNA kits to be used across the area.

Officers targeted the most vulnerable streets in the community with a particular focus on those who have been previous victims of acquisitive crime.

The kits have been used by other police services across the United Kingdom and have been credited with reducing theft by housebreaking by more than 80 per cent.

Each kit has a unique code contained within a liquid which shows up under specialist UV lighting.

Homeowners can mark their belongings, such as TVs, mobile phones, bikes and other items with this special solution and then register these on a national database.

Signs are going up around the area to let potential thieves know homes are protected.

It is hoped that the scheme will act as a deterrent to criminals.

As well as working with Govanhill Housing Association and Glasgow City Council, yesterday's day of action saw taxi enforcement officers out in the community.

Sergeant Melanie Fraser, who has been assisting in organising the operation, added: "We have been working with taxi enforcement officers to make sure private hire drivers and taxis in the area know about the operation.

"In an area where not many people drive, there is high use of taxis.

"Drivers may pick someone up who has been involved in criminality and we want them to know they can report it to us."

The Twitter account @GlasgowSEPolice will be running a twitter campaign during Operation Kapel with the #CaughtNeonHanded and #OpKapel updates posted regularly with regard to the ongoing activity.

There will also be a drop in service at locations across the Govanhill community, where local residents can discuss any issues or concerns they have.

The mobile police office will be situated on Annette Street during the campaign and locals are encouraged to drop in to speak to officers.

Annie Macfarlane, chairwoman of Govanhill Housing Association, said: “The Association are pleased to be able to support Police Scotland in this initiative, as it is important to us that tenants feel safe and secure in their homes.

“As someone who lives in the target area, I am strongly supportive of any scheme that seeks to reduce the level of house-breaking.”