I JUST wish that correspondents like Alexander McGowan could give their points of view without hurling insults at others, which seems to be a growing trend (SFA kids header ‘ban’ does not go far enough, says brain injury expert, February 24).

In a few sentences he disrespects all the scientific evidence that has been gathered in respect to links between heading a football and dementia in later years and bizarrely even mentions VAR as if that was somehow relevant.

Calling people who care “softies” and “snowflakes” seems to be a trend adopted by people who offer no solutions and like to pretend to be tough nuts.

In other news, Frank Carlin talks about an SNP implosion and goes on to talk about them getting above themselves as there is no-one to challenge them!

That is hardly the SNP’s fault.

If opposition parties cannot put forward policies to challenge current thinking the fault lays in their lack of creativity, not the SNP. Yet another example of SNP=bad, regardless of the facts.



THE problem with some cyclists is they don’t know how to cycle safely (‘Safer roads needed’ in Glasgow as serious cycling injuries rise, February 25).

Take the new cycle paths on the South Side – I have dashcam footage of numerous cyclists not using it and cycling on the road and even one on the wrong side who nearly hit another cyclist and had to swerve out the way onto the road and nearly got hit with a car.

I got a massive fright when I watched it happen right in front of me.

So cyclists need to understand road safety before getting on their bike because it’s them that will get hurt the most if they get hit by a car.

Marky Boyle

HOW much longer will the taxpayer be expected to support the House of Lords, a relic of feudal and oppressive times?

Recently, many of the created Lords and Baronesses, before taking their afternoon nap, voted themselves an unjustified massive increase, to be added to their £300-a-day attendance allowance.

It is now time for this rest home to be disbanded and to be replaced by an elected assembly, with voting powers to overrule parliament in matters concerning the people.

Under the present extreme right-wing government, the status quo will remain, with the taxpayer continuing to pay the costs of this unelected body.

R Downes