Children at Balmuildy Primary School have fallen ill again after the school reopened yesterday having suffered from a carbon monoxide leak.

Before the evacuation took place on Thursday, dozens of children were vomiting, fainting and feeling nauseous.

It’s understood that the whole of a primary three class moved classrooms yesterday as children began falling ill with the exact same symptoms again.

One mum told the Glasgow Times earlier this week that she sent an open letter to the First Minister after the evacuation on Thursday as it was not the first time the children had fallen ill with the same symptoms.

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Another mum has slammed authorities after a meeting held with parents on Monday evening left them with no answers.

She said: “The meeting lasted two hours and 20 minutes and we got nowhere.

“I asked when the last time the boiler that caused the leak had been serviced and they couldn’t provide an answer.

“One Dad asked what risk assessments had been carried out - they couldn’t answer that either.”

Parents were promised the school was deemed as “safe” for children to return despite officials not knowing if carbon monoxide was the trigger of making the children ill.

The worry has led many parents to keep their children off school until the issue is resolved.

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The mother added: “It makes me feel sick to the stomach keeping my child off school.

“I don’t feel as a parent in this day and age I should be in a situation where I need to make a decision to keep my child from going to school because it’s unsafe.

“There’s children missing an education here - primary seven pupils who need it now more than ever before they go to high school.

The mother of one said that parents were warning their children not to drink the tap water as officials confirmed the building’s water had not yet been tested.

She added: “When a school is evacuated all measures should be taken to make the premises secure.”

Ann Davie, Depute Chief Executive for Education said: “We gave a commitment to review our policy on carbon monoxide monitors in schools.

“Current regulations require schools built after 2012/13 to have CO monitors fitted but this does not apply to older buildings.

“We will begin a programme to install monitors in all schools and hope that this will provide some reassurance for everyone working and learning there.

“CO monitors are already in place in Balmuildy Primary and have been operating today showing no traces of the gas. We are aware that some children are reporting that they have felt unwell today.

“Myself and other senior officers have visited the school over the course of the day. They have observed no problems and are satisfied that the school is safe. There are no further plans to close the school.

According to the NHS, symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning include: dizziness, nausea, vomiting, tiredness and confusion, stomach pain and shortness of breath.