THE UK Government has refused to allow a model of a drug consumption room to be displayed at the drug death summit in Glasgow.

Transform Drug Policy Foundation Have a mock-up of how a facility would look at the SEC at the Scottish Government and Glasgow City Council drug conference today.

Transform Head of partnerships, Martin Powell, said however, he will not be able to show the demonstrator to health and policing experts when the UK Government event opens on Thursday.

The model shows the injecting booths and displays the safe, clean equipment that will be given to drug users when the attend the facility.

Glasgow City Council and the health board want to open a facility just outside the city centre to reduce the risk of fatal overdose and deal with an HIV outbreak which has been shown to be linked to outdoor injecting among the most problematic dug users.

But the UK government needs to amend the law or devolve power to Holyrood to allow people to take illegal drugs into the facility without facing arrest and prosecution.

So far the Home Office has refused any requests and ministers have stated they will not be allowing anything that permits illegal drug taking.

Mr Powell said: “In Glasgow there is a particularly acute problem and an HIV epidemic.

People come in and register and are given clean equipment, shown to a booth where the inject under supervision.”

He said it is not a miracle cure but has been shown to save lives.

Mr Powell added: “I’m disappointed the Government didn’t want us at their event. We are hoping the UK government will recognise the current approach doesn’t work. Drugs are more easily available, they are cheaper than ever and killing more people than ever.

“It is inconceivable to carry on with the current approach.”

The UK Home Office has been contacted for comment.