AS Spongebob Squarepants once so eloquently put, the secret ingredient to any burger is love.

Well, that's fair enough. But to me, all you need is a good patty, some bacon and cheese. Really, it's that simple. Save all the salad stuff for when you're working on that "summer body".

I'm not going to lie, when it came to deciding what to review for this takeaway column I was a bit stuck. In hindsight, given that it was Shrove Tuesday just a couple of days ago, I should've done pancakes. My bad.

Despite the fact I live in the South Side - where options are aplenty - I went for BRGR from Royal Exchange Square. The beauty of Uber Eats...pretty much anything in the city is just a few clicks away.

And for a picky eater like myself you can opt for customisations of your meal - for me, going plain. Exciting, eh?

I opted for the 'Cheese and Bacon Burger Meal' - the burger, a side of fries and a can of Irn Bru. I was also feeling pretty bold, so added an extra side of three chicken strips.

Glasgow Times:

I ordered at 7.55pm and it arrived at 8.41pm. For a Tuesday night I was a bit surprised, especially as my delivery was done by a driver and not one of those super fit people traversing Glasgow by bike.

But nonetheless, I was starving and excited to fire into my meal.

My first reaction was the chips. A huge portion, but sadly cold by the time they had arrived.

Despite being heated up they still tasted pretty flavourless. Naturally, I still ate them all anyway.

Moving onto the chicken strips and my expectations had already been lowered so much. So much joy and buzz around my meal had turned quickly to sadness. Could the chicken strips pick me out of my now god-so-awful mood?

Well...sort of. It was an improvement, for sure. They had a bit of decent flavour but I don't think they're something I'd go for again. Let that be a lesson learned. Don't go to a burger joint for chicken.

Next up, the pièce de résistance. And hallelujah, my night was saved.

The saltiness of the bacon, joined with the succulent juices of the patty and the melted cheese combined together perfectly. My mind was transported back to my uni days - late nights in the library before scranning one of these bad boys on the train home.

It's not be Spongebob's Krabby Patty...but it's good enough for me.