The mother of a child attending Balmuildy Primary School has described last Thursday’s evacuation process as a “horror scene”.

The Glasgow Times told earlier this week how dozens of children were vomiting, fainting and feeling nauseous on the premises before the building was evacuated. It was later identified that the school had suffered from a carbon monoxide leak.

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It’s understood that during the evacuation, children faced torrential rain and hail without jackets on as they walked half a mile from the school to the collection point.

Fire and rescue services distributed foil blankets to the pupils in a bid to keep them warm as the evacuation took place.

The mother of a child has described how her nine-year-old daughter - who was exposed to the harsh weather elements for nearly half an hour - was “terrified”.

She said: “During the evacuation, there was full blown hailstones and not one child had managed to get a jacket or a coat. The teachers obviously had their coats, bags and belongings though.

“By the time I got to the pick up point it was like a horror scene.

“All the kids were crying and the fire brigade had given the children foil blankets to try keep them warm.

“As soon as I arrived my wee girl burst into tears - she was absolutely terrified.”

The Mum witnessed how the children had been soaked as she rushed to collect her daughter.

She added: “The children were standing there soaking – their hair was drenched from the weather and it was obvious they were starting to catch a chill.

“Not one of the teachers were like that and it has infuriated me.

“My daughter’s hands had seized up after holding her partner’s hand on the way to the pick up point as they walked in pairs. She struggled to get it open again.

“I do understand that safety comes first and when they need to get the kids out, they need to get them out.

“But that should have been noticed weeks ago before these kids fell even more ill.”

Balmuildy Primary School reopened on Tuesday and has vowed to remain open despite children falling ill with the same symptoms again upon their return.

After the evacuation last week one mother sent an open letter to the First Minister raising her concerns as she told the Glasgow Times it wasn’t the first time a large amount of the pupils had fallen ill at the same time with the exact same symptoms.

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Depute Chief Executive fo Education Ann Davie said: "The correct procedures were followed during the evacuation of Balmuildy Primary School last Thursday. "Pupils were directed to leave the building immediately by staff via the nearest emergency exits in accordance with the emergency fire action plan for the building.

"The pupils were then taken to the Leisuredrome where they waited indoors for parents and carers to collect them."

Officials told parents at a meeting on Monday evening that although the premises is now deemed as "safe" they could not be 100 per cent sure if children were falling ill due to the gas leak.