FRIGHTENED residents have claimed once again that someone will be seriously injured due to what they claim is inaction by a housing association.

For the fourth time roof tiles and chimney pots have fallen from roofs at flats in Toryglen.

It comes after nearly four years of disastrous works at Thistle Housing Association where failures led to the housing watching parachuting in a management team to take over.

Resident David Crockwell said: "Somebody is going to die here.

"And everybody from the top to the bottom of Thistle Housing Association will try to point the finger elsewhere."

On Saturday morning roof tiles fell from flats on Kerrycroy Street into a well-used garden.

A few hours later two chimney pots plummeted from a building on Ardnahoe Avenue.

Locals claims Thistle HA did not send workmen out to secure the scene until Monday.

Thistle bosses claim the weather is too poor to access the roof.

But the problem comes after faulty roofing works carried out more than a year ago.

Locals have consistently flagged up the dangers to the housing association but nothing has been done to repair the shoddy works.

One resident says he was told by Thistle that the organisation is waiting for quotes for the work.

But Mr Crockwell said: "It's been seven month since we were told that - it does not take seven months for quotes to come in.

"Somebody has got to take responsibility here.

"Everybody at Thistle has to have a long, hard look at themselves and ask, 'Have I done enough to sort this?'

"Those chimney pots weight eight pounds and are solid.

"They fell into the garden of an elderly couple and it is just good fortune they did not land on them."

Last April there was two incidents in four days involving falling roof tiles at the troubled site in Toryglen, on that occasion on Kerrycroy Avenue and a different address on Ardnahoe Avenue.

In September 2018 a chimney coping stone fell off, following months of safety complaints raised by residents.

The Scottish Housing Regulator found serious governance and financial mismanagement at Thistle HA and established its own team to take over the organisation.

Support efforts failed and the housing association is now looking for another body to take it over with Sanctuary Housing the preferred bidder.

A spokesman for Thistle Housing Association said: "The safety of our residents is of the utmost importance.

"When made aware of this matter the area was taped off and our contractor contacted to take remedial action.

"However, with the extreme weather conditions our contractors have been unable to access the roof due to health and safety requirements.

"Work will get underway to repair the roof once safe to do so and we will continue to monitor the situation."