GO into the branch and get your money (120 ATMs in Scotland switch to charging for withdrawals in the space of one month, Glasgow Times online).

I know that’s more time-consuming but it beats paying a ridiculous fee to access YOUR OWN MONEY.

The ATM round the corner from me used to be free but last summer it started charging 99p which is a disgrace, so I decided to boycott that machine and I warned people about it.

There used to be a line on a Friday to get money, now it’s always deserted!

Unfortunately RBS and the rest have closed a lot of their branches which makes it harder for people to get money out.

A lot of RBS branches open at the weekend – they closed my local branch which wasn’t exactly safe to go to anyway, so now I go to the East Kilbride one or the one by Central Station.

Clare Boyle

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CASH is still King for a lot of the elderly generation, who are not tech savy. There should be free cash machines

George Meek

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WOW! £400,000,000 unspent last year by this government, according to the Tory view (Glasgow Times, Tuesday).

If this is true what are they saving up for, if it is for independence it won’t last long as they already lost over £100m on failed enterprises last year.

This country and the people of Scotland want the place where they live to be free from flooding, litter-strewn roads, and would like more regular bin collections.

We used to have regular cleaning of the kerbside drains and as far as I can see we don’t have anyone clearing the kerb sides.

Who are these people who are running the city of Glasgow do they only think it is the city centre where the money is to be spent? Come on, spend the money and keep the people of Scotland happy.

William Burns


IN spite of all the advice about washing hands to prevent the spread of disease and covering you mouth and nose when couching and sneezing, particularly in the current coronavirus threat, I find it frustrating to see the number of people who either do not wash their hands or just rinse them quickly under a tap without using soap and do not cover up when coughing and sneezing.

It is time for all of us to start challenging these people about their unhygienic habits when we see it happening as they are threatening the health of all of us. We also need a public campaign of posters to reinforce this.

Paul Lewis

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