A man has admitted pointing a loaded gun at bouncers outside a bar on a busy centre street just before Christmas.

Francis Smith, 32, returned to Nico's in Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow, after an earlier incident at 6.36pm on December 21 2019 when he was allegedly assaulted and shouted "I'm going to get a gun and shoot you" before walking off.

The High Court in Glasgow heard he then went to his accommodation nearby and pulled a handgun wrapped in a towel from a chest of drawers and also took a bullet cartridge from a glove and put it in his pocket.

Smith then went back to Nico's Bar holding the weapon and someone in the vicinity shouted "gun" as a warning as he approached.

Glasgow Times: The incident took place outside Nico's on Sauchiehall StreetThe incident took place outside Nico's on Sauchiehall Street

He pointed it at two bouncers, who managed to wrestle the weapon from him and restrain him on the ground, helped by another door steward.

Smith admitted assaulting two men, pointing a loaded handgun at them and threatening to shoot them when he appeared at the court on Thursday.

He also pleaded guilty to possessing ammunition and a prohibited weapon illegally.

When the weapon was examined it was found to be a Slovakian manufactured Grand Power self-loading pistol, which was in working order and capable of discharging bullets.

Describing what happened after the incident, advocate depute Angela Gray told the court: "A search of the accused's room was undertaken.

"Police officers pulled a chest of drawers away from the wall in the room, finding a single bulleted cartridge on the floor.

"Within a money tin there were a further five loose bullet cartridges.

"Five additional bulleted cartridges were recovered from a latex glove, which had been tied in a knot.

"There was a bulleted cartridge in the magazine that was attached to the pistol when the accused pointed it at the door stewards.

"When the handgun was first recovered by firearms officers, the safety catch was off."

She said all of the cartridges recovered from the accused's address were also apparently live and suitable for use with the handgun recovered.

The court was shown CCTV footage of the incident in Sauchiehall Street which happened on the last Saturday before Christmas when the area was busy with pedestrians.

John Scullion QC, representing Smith, said he had nothing to add at this stage and will wait until reports are available.

Judge Sean Murphy deferred sentence until March 26 pending reports.