MY SCHOOL: St Mary’s Primary in Maryhill. I went there in the 70s. It was right on Maryhill Road, so there was always something happening, which created plenty of drama in the playground.

FAVOURITE TEACHER: Mrs Paterson was everyone’s favourite - she was big and cuddly and so lovely. She was like mummy bear to us all - unlike the strict, serious and narky primary one teacher I had (whose name I should not reveal.)

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SCHOOL DINNERS, PACKED LUNCH OR HOME? In primary one I always wanted to go home. I hated being away from my parents. That changed over time and I mostly had packed lunches. I found the lumpy mash and custard at school dinners quite intriguing though, as I rarely had it. Oh, and spaghetti pie - remember that dry delicacy? As we got older we were allowed to go to the shops across the road. My favourite was getting a cream doughnut from the bakery. After the school discos we would all pile in to the chippy across the road for a roll and fritter.

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FAVOURITE SUBJECT: In primary school it was probably English. I loved learning how to spell and writing stories - and sometimes performing them as puppet shows. I also loved all the project work, where you teamed up with your classmates to make something. I realise I have carried that on - that’s kind of what we do when we make theatre too. At high school I loved geography - I have a love of maps and got a bit geeky about them in my teenage years. For my 13th birthday I asked for a street map of Glasgow. What a spod.

LEAST FAVOURITE SUBJECT: Physics. I just didn’t get it. And my teacher was a bit like Mr Twit with strange things growing in his beard.

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MY BEST FRIEND AT SCHOOL: My next door neighbour, Karen Daniels, was one of my best friends. We could wave to each other from our beds - and did every time we got a mention on the phone-in radio programme that we listened to every night. We are still in touch, mostly through social media. She’s an amazing fundraiser living in Argyll.

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IF I COULD CHANGE ONE THING ABOUT MY SCHOOLDAYS…I would let Alison Burke beat me in the 200m race. It was early in first year. We were both the fastest runners in our primary schools. She had a trainer and was out practising on the track every day. I just turned up, ran...and won. However, being the underdog did not pay off. My friends felt I was showing off, dropped my jacket and walked away without cheering.

Alice is creative director with Red Bridge Arts. The company’s production of The Secret Garden is currently touring Scotland.