GLASGOW’S conservative group is calling for the SNP-Green budget deal to include funding for drug recovery cafes across the city.

On Wednesday it was announced that additional funding is being allocated to local government after the Scottish Government learnt it would receive an extra £95 million following the SNP-Green deal at Holyrood.

Group Leader councillor Thomas Kerr, who lost his father to drug addiction, has said the current Glasgow City Council budget proposals don’t treat tackling drug deaths as a priority.

Glasgow Times:

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Speaking about the funding announcement he said: “The cuts by the SNP government to local councils in recent years are unsustainable and this extra funding barely scratches the surface of what the city needs.

“The cuts have reduced the number of rehab beds in Glasgow to less than 20 for a city with thousands and thousands of chaotic drug users.”

Mr Kerr believes that drug recovery cafes have been proven to help people get off drugs by providing rehabilitation in their communities.

Mr Kerr added: “The current council budget does not treat tackling drug deaths as a priority.

“I’ve seen family members struggle with addiction and I know they would have benefitted from recovery cafes where they could have gotten help within their own communities.

“While we wait for meaningful action from Scottish Government to fund residential rehabilitation, the council should take action now to support recovery cafes.”