I NOTE the council implementing a £15 charge for five items of bulk.

I would love to know what classification system they are going to use if it’s a bathroom clearance, a TV, a wardrobe, and a couch.

The cost of raising a £15 invoice in the council will probably cost more than bulk charge.

Given most of the cities residents live in deprived areas, who live on benefits and limited income, this could make families worse off.

I think charging will increase fly-tipping, make the cities cleanliness record even worse and be an eyesore communities in Glasgow.

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WITH regards to your story on safer roads for cyclists, it doesn’t matter if you put in cycle lanes, they don’t use them.

They would rather be on the pavement or racing through precincts.

Start fining them and then they may use them.

D Lambert


IF there is dangerous driving/parking at the school, endangering the children whose safety is paramount then it’s a matter for the police (Pavement parking and car idling leaves kids ‘scared’ to walk to school, Friday).

Yes, surprise, surprise, it is still their responsibility to prosecute offenders under the various road traffic and construction and use regulations.

A few well placed penalty tickets on errant drivers windscreens might help.

Johnny Mack

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UNFORTUNATELY not just at the above school but all schools. Selfish, self-entitled clowns abandon their cars where they please.

Never mind ticketing them, remove the cars and scrap them that will soon get their attention.

Not only is the parking on pavements and idling a huge problem but you also have those that drive far too fast.

Johnny Mack

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WE HAVE the same problem with selfish parents outside St Helen’s Primary in Bishopbriggs.

The parents flood into our private housing estate twice a day, Monday to Friday and park in private spaces.

They wreck the grass, knock over parking bollards and put lives at risk with the speed they drive in at.

We’ve tried writing to the primary school, which has been ignored on numerous occasions.

If you challenge the parents, you are verbally abused.

I think it will take for a child to be run over before any action is taken by the council.

But, at least the parents can save themselves five minutes in the morning by parking near the school. It is infuriating.

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WITH regards to Glasgow Airport being named the best in the UK (Thursday), it’s a good airport when you’re there but it should have a direct light rail/monorail connection.

Edinburgh has a direct tram and Glasgow is a much larger city. Plans for a train to Paisley are a waste of money and not wanted.

Pete Greene

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PARK on yellow lines and police and traffic wardens are everywhere, but if your house is broken into police are not interested (Man tracks down home invaders with Find My iPad to recover thousands in stolen goods, Friday).

James McCann

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THE roadworks in Pollok have been a disgrace (Friday). Awful timing by the contractor.

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