A MAN has spoken of his anger after the council “lied” to him about a development happening in his own back garden.

Scott McMaster moved into his Lenzie home last October, escaping a flat surrounded by crime and drug addicts.

He has accused East Dunbartonshire council - his landlord - of repeatedly failing to inform him of plans to develop six new houses in his back garden.

The council has since apologised for its failure to notify Scott of the development when he was moved or when it approved improvements to his back garden.

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Scott claims he will lose half his back garden and all of his privacy as diggers clear the site behind his house, taking down a protective row of trees at the foot of his lawn.

Parking is limited near his Blackthorn Avenue home and he fears he will now need to park his van, which doubles as a personal vehicle and which contains expensive equipment owned by his employers, 50 yards away from his house - which will increase his insurance premiums.

The council have said new parking spaces for existing residents will be included in the development and acknowledged parking issues for people living in the area.

The 34-year-old electrician is also at the end of a hard-fought battle for custody of his six-year-old daughter and worries his girl will no longer be able to play in his back garden.

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Scott feels he was “lied to from day one” by East Dunbartonshire council. He summarised the council’s attitude as “tough, we have decided and that’s that.”.

He was only informed of the planned development on Monday, February 24, with work beginning on Thursday.

East Dunbartonshire housing chief Thomas Glen said: “I apologise that Mr McMaster was not made aware of the development when he was offered the property by the Council. Council officers have met with him to discuss his concerns.

“Safe and secure temporary fencing will be in place during the construction phase of the project and once the development is completed the Council will install a permanent fence to secure Mr McMaster’s privacy.”