Jorge will not be the only storm to hit Glasgow as Extinction Rebellion activists are expected to storm Glasgow for an awareness march.

Hundreds are expected to join the Blue Wave parade on Saturday to highlight increased flooding dangers caused by rising sea levels and increased storms. 

Extinction Rebellion (XR) Glasgow is joining forces with neighbouring activist groups from Renfrewshire and East Dunbartonshire. 

Dressed in blues and greens, activists are expected to set off at 12pm from the Clydside Amphitheatre and the march is expected to end at the Royal Concert Hall. 

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Sarah Krischer, 27, commented, "These last few weeks have shown how vulnerable both the city and the wider region are to flooding, which is only going to intensify as a result of sea-level rise and extreme weather from the climate crisis.

"The Blue Wave is all about raising awareness of how very present this threat is." 

It is the second Blue Wave event in Glasgow with a previous one taking place in March 2019. 

The parade promises family-friendly fun with the event page on Facebook stating: "The Blue Wave is also a celebration of all we love about the city of Glasgow.

"Bring friends, bring family, bring fun, bring joy: let’s make it a wild and watery day to remember."

Last years event was attended by more than 300 people and ended with people throwing buckets of water taken from the Clyde at the Glasgow City Council building. 

The campaign was said to symbolise the coming dangers to Glasgow. 

Climate Central has published an online interactive map which presents the threat of flooding in striking visual detail.

Poet laureate Jim Carruth read a poem at last year's Blue Wave. He said: "The world’s climate debate comes to Glasgow this year and it is vital that we actively engage with the conversation and send out a clear message on the urgent steps this city, this country and others need to take. 

"Building on the success of last year’s march the Blue Wave 2 is an ideal way for Glaswegians to show their concern not only for the threat that rising sea levels poses in their own city but also to raise awareness of the tremendous damage that is already being done across this wonderful planet of ours.”

Hundreds of people have expressed interest in the event on its Facebook page and 260 people are set on braving the weather for the storm. 

A number of groups have also ensured the attendance at the event, including Woodlands Community Volunteers, Glasgow Greenpeace, Glasgow Youth Climate Strike and Animal Rebellion. 

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Ruth Dunster, 58, from East Dumbartonshire "Last year's Glasgow Blue Wave was a whole new experience for me. The creativity and fun really blew me away.

"It's such a serious message about climate change and rising sea levels. So I expected doom and gloom. I didn't realise we could enjoy being together."

She added: "We celebrated that we care, and we are doing something about it. I can't wait for this year's Blue Wave 2!"

People joining in on the march are being encouraged to wear blues or greens to represent the rising water.