WHEN oh when is someone from the police, local authority or First Bus going to do something about the massive traffic congestion after big weekday events at Celtic Park?

If you catch a bus at Parkhead Cross it can take up to 40/45 minutes to travel the relatively short distance to the Forge retail park. It is then full gridlock from there to Millerston Street and can take a further 20/25 minutes. I reside in the north of the city and it can take up to two hours to get home by public transport.

Others have train connections to catch which they miss on a regular basis.

Surely in 2020 we should have a more efficient way of dealing with crowds getting to and from major sporting events? Extra buses would probably just add to the congestion so perhaps the logistics of fast-tracking traffic through lights etc. should be explored.

THE police in the UK are already under pressure and Police Scotland has said it is underfunded and will have to dismiss officers.

The Covid-19 virus is about to lead to the cancellation of sporting and other large gatherings so why not cancel COP26 with its tens of thousands of extra emissions and the health dangers it poses?

All demonstrations, especially Extinction Rebellion demonstrations, should be banned since its disciples, including children, are not immune to catching Covid-19 and spreading it, especially as professional demonstrators will travel from infected countries. The Scottish Parliament could then boast “Scotland, not Westminster, leads the world reducing emissions and keeping the public safe from Covid-19”.
Clark Cross
Via email

LAST week we learned that councillors will now have to pay £460 per annum to park at the city chambers.

It costs £18 and £24 PER DAY to park in the nearest multi-storey car parks to the Chambers (at Duke St and Buchanan Galleries), so basically the councillors of all parties are still ripping off the taxpayers for plenty of cash per year.

There should be no free parking for council/Scottish Government officials anywhere in Glasgow. It is not in their contracts, it doesn’t increase efficiency in any way, it discourages public transport use and it damages the environment.

Shame on them all.
Chrissie Francis
Merchant City