MY SCHOOL: I attended three primary schools between the ages of five and 11 as we moved from one house to another but my best memories are those from St Laurence’s in Drumchapel in the 1950s.

This was a newly-built school with everything fresh and modern – including the headmaster, Mr Kennedy and my teacher Mrs Dorian, who went above and beyond her day to day duties.

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She took us on trips to places like the Kelvingrove Museum and Art Galleries, to view the Salvador Dali painting, Christ of St John of the Cross, which had recently come to Glasgow. She was an amazing woman.

FAVOURITE SUBJECT: Music. Our music teacher, Miss McGlashin was young and full of zest. With her help we put on an operetta called The Enchanted Emerald for our friends and family and what fun it was for us weans from a housing scheme – many of us did not have a great deal of excitement in our lives.

This is a photo of us all in the show – I am the one in the middle row with the big sun bonnet on.

Glasgow Times:

LEAST FAVOURITE SUBJECT: PE. It just was not for me and to this day, I am still not a very sporty person.

FAVOURITE TEACHER: Mrs Dorian, for her dedication to all of us kids. She taught me so much which I have carried with me throughout my life.

She taught us The Daffodils by William Wordsworth which I now recite to my grandchildren. Every time I do I can still hear her saying ‘remember to sound out your words, loudly and clearly’ and I see her gesturing with her hands as she taught us the words.

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SCHOOL DINNERS, PACKED LUNCH OR HOME? We always went home for lunch because our house was only a five minute run away from the school, and money was always on the tight side.

We would often have cheese beanos (toast with beans and cheese melted on top) which was a healthier and cheaper option.

Another good reason for rushing home at lunchtime was to catch some of the One O’Clock Gang on our old black and white TV.

Glasgow Times:

IF I COULD CHANGE ONE THING ABOUT MY SCHOOLDAYS…while I am not saying I did not work hard, I think if I could go back to those days, I would work even harder for all of those lovely teachers.

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